Selecting the 'Menu' from within your Collection offers you multiple options. You can save or rename your Collection, or create a completely new one. You can access the 'Menu' in the top-right corner of the Collection Builder.

Clicking on this Menu will display a drop-down with several options.


SaveSaves your order to the cloud
Save As Saves a new copy of your order
ShareShare your Collection with your buyers / other Elastic users in your organization
Export a PDF of your Collection
UndoUndo Previous Action
Redo Redo Previous Action
Print JobsExit the Collection and open the Print Jobs view. This is where all of the PDFs you generate in Elastic will be available to download
CollectionsExit the Current Collection and open a list of your Collections
Rename CollectionChange the name of your Collection
Account Settings Change your username, Password, or email here
Full-Screen ModeThe Elastic tool will fill your entire screen. Recommended when creating preseason orders and Whiteboards
PreferencesChange price displays and Language
Links to the Elastic Support Homepage
CloseExit the Collection Builder and go back to the Dashboard. You will be given the option to save if you have any unsaved changes.