Order sharing is a great way to collaborate with Reps. It is also a great way for Reps to share suggested orders with their accounts, and for buyers to adjust orders immediately to fit their specific needs for a given buying season. There are a couple ways to share orders within Elastic: you can share orders with individual users, or with all of your dealers at once.

Duplicate and Share (Reps)

You can access the 'Duplicate' and 'Share with Dealer' options from the Orders Menu. Clicking the three dots on the left from the order number will open a new menu.

You can also access Duplicate and Share from within an order by clicking on the Menu button and selecting 'Duplicate and Share'.

Note: Once an order has entered final submission, you will not be able to share it.

Select who you want to share with

A modal of which users you want to share with will appear. You can select the Elastic user (or users) you'd like to share with by selecting the checkbox next to their name. Sharing with multiple users is a great way to share a suggested buy with all of your accounts, or share an order with your store's team.

Click Continue

A notification will appear in the top right letting you know the order has been shared. Orders that are in a shared state will appear with an 'Arrow' Icon in front of them in your orders list.

Quick Dealer Sharing

With this feature, reps can share with dealers with a click of the mouse.

After clicking this button, the order will be shared with all dealer users registered to the dealer's account number. Once the order is shared, you will see the order move to the top of the orders list with the linklogo next to it. The person (and if more than one registered against that account number) you shared the order with will receive an email confirmation.

Check for updates

The user you shared the order with may make updates and changes to the order. Any changes made to a shared order will not update until the order is saved. New updates can be viewed by closing and re-opening the shared order. Updates work both ways - meaning both you and the user you shared the order with can make changes to the order. Keep in mind that the last save will always overwrite the working copy of the order. 

Keep in mind that once an order is sent to final submission, all parties sharing the order will no longer be able to edit it. Share wisely!