The design content portion of the campaign builder offers an easy, flexible way to design effective marketing emails. You can access the content designer after filling out the previous required fields in the campaign builder. In this article you will learn how to use the 'Edit Content' feature. You can also watch a quick video here

Clicking the 'Start Designing' button will bring up a screen with two different parts. The main part, the email body, acts as a base for your design elements and as a preview for your final campaign email. The smaller menu on the right part of the screen has all the content options listed. If you accidentally hide the content options menu, clicking any content box on the body part of the page will bring it back. 

The small menu on the bottom left corner allows you to undo and redo your actions, preview the email and toggle between the desktop and mobile views. You can also switch between desktop and mobile views from the main content elements menu. 

Clicking one of the content box will reveal a set of tools in the content options menu. Selecting a box in the main body also brings up the options to delete or duplicate the selected element. You can rearrange the boxes within the email by dragging and dropping them with the move icon. 

The Default Template

The default email template includes seven basic elements: your brand's logo, a header image box, a headline and a sub-headline, a longer text element, the 'Shop Now' button, 'Featured Products' text element, and two columns to showcase your product selection. 

The first element in the default template is the header image box. When you click the area, the menu on the right will display options to upload an image, use a link to an image or use AI to create the perfect image for your campaign. You can also embed a link to your header image, or change the alignment of it.

Clicking a text box will bring up a basic text editor menu. You can change your font, font size, create a hyperlink or choose a different alignment for your text. The 'Smart Text' option will check your grammar or rephrase your text if required. 

One of the main elements in the campaign email is the 'Shop Now' button. This button will take the reader directly to your product selection. You can edit the text in the button by clicking it and typing your button text. Selecting the button will also reveal options to modify the size, color and alignment, change what happens when your client clicks the button, or get AI generated suggestions for the text. 

The 'Featured Products' boxes are another main focus area within the default template. It can be used to showcase any new products or highlight an ongoing sale. When you click the area once, you can select how many columns of products you want to show, or edit the column properties. If you wish to create more than one row of featured products, you can use the 'Duplicate' function. 

To add your products, click the 'Add Content' button, or select the 'Content' option from the content options menu. This will open a 3x3 selection of different elements you can add to your email. To add a product, select the 'Product', and drag and drop it in one of the 'Featured Products' boxes. 


Performing this action will allow you to choose a product from the order, Collection or catalog you chose to use as the base of your campaign. You can choose a product directly from Elastic, or upload a new image for your product.


If you wish to change your product selection, use the delete icon or simply click the 'Add Product' button again to replace the current featured product. 

Once you're happy with your choices, click the 'Continue' button to get back to the Campaigns main screen. Depending on your content, this could take a few seconds.

Additional Elements

If you wish to add additional design elements to the default template, or you want to create a different email, you can either choose to duplicate a selected box, or add a new box by accessing the 'Blocks' option from the content menu. This allows you to drag and drop a blank box or column to a desired place. After adding a new area, you can select what kind of content you want to create, by dragging and dropping a design element into the box.

Adding a new box will reveal an 'Add Content' button. Pressing the 'Add Content' button will open the 'Content' option on the content menu. You can drag and drop different design elements into the boxes to create a unique marketing email.


The 'Columns' option lets you add different columns to your email. This can be used to highlight the main product, or add smaller accessories to smaller boxes, while keeping the main products in bigger ones. 

The 'Heading' and 'Text' boxes can be dragged and dropped to the body of your email to create additional headers and text boxes. The 'Divider' button creates a visual divider within the email to separate the different elements from each other. The 'HTML' button opens an HTML editor, which can be used to add more additional elements to your email. 

The 'Menu' option creates a bar of links. These additional action items can be used to create a call now button, open a new email in the customer's email client, open an external website, or create another 'Shop Now' button.

The 'Body' and 'Images' menus allow you to further personalize your campaign by changing the background, text and link color, font family, the pre-header text and the content alignment.