Welcome to Elastic

Before you can create a new order, you will need to choose a catalog type and order mode.

Elastic understands that each user and business is unique, and we offer workflow options to support these differences.

Let’s explore these options now.

Select “place an order” from your get started menu and You will find yourself on the catalog selection screen.

(TEXT: Or select “‘new” from your order widget)

Just like grabbing a paper catalog off of your shelf, the catalog you select will give you access to products by seasonal availability. 

There are 2 Catalog types to choose from - Standard and Custom.

Standard Catalogs are published by the brand.  

to organize the timing of product lines, Brands will typically publish both “At Once” and “prebook catalogs by season

(Text:  A prebook catalog, sometimes referred to as pre-season) is most often used when you are planning a purchase that will ship in a future season.  

An at-once catalog, sometimes called ASAP or ATS, is most often used for re-orders.

A Custom Catalog is created by a user, and is a subset of products derived from a standard catalog.

A sales rep might create a Custom Catalog and share it with their retail buyer to help narrow the offering for a season.  That buyer can access those custom catalogs here, or even make their own.

(Insert text:  For more on how to build a custom catalog, visit our support site.)

OK.  Now that we have a bit more clarity on catalog types, let’s move on by selecting a catalog.

Next you will name your order and then you will choose your preferred order mode.  

Elastic offers 2 order modes, standard and quick, and the experience from each mode is quite different.

We understand that users have unique shopping styles and workflows.    

Standard order mode will take you to a fully immersive digital catalog experience, where you can compare, research, and assort products before you purchase them.  This mode is most commonly used for prebook orders with multiple products.

Quick Order mode will bring you to a simple interface where you can add units to products and checkout.  The catalog contents are the same, we’ve just removed some choices to streamline this workflow. This is a great mode for reorders and provides an easy way to see available inventory.

Once you get to know Elastic, you will fly through these choices… quickly selecting your catalog, naming your order, and choosing your order mode.

For more help getting started with Elastic visit our support site