Below you will find a contemporary list of all self help articles that have instructional videos.

New Rep/Buyer Toolkit - CLICK HERE

A full toolkit for a brand rep/a buyer to get started on Elastic, this includes New User Registration, Resetting your Password, Dashboard Navigation, Creating a New Order, Standard Order Mode, and Quick Order Mode.

Dashboard Product Search - CLICK HERE

The 'Dashboard Product Search' in the top of the dashboard is a powerful feature that allows you to quickly search through all your available catalogs for products. This is a great way to check availability of a product, see what catalog an item is in, check features and even start a quick re-order.

Download to Desktop - CLICK HERE

By using Elastic’s ‘Download To Desktop’ feature, you can easily distribute orders and Whiteboards.


A quick and powerful way to export order data or entire catalog data, that can be used as a basic order form, and/or imported into systems outside of Elastic.

Create a Collection - CLICK HERE

A Collection is a user-created workbook that can be exported to a PDF and shared with anyone. This is a great way to create a collection of 'must haves' specific to a certain season, region, or a key account. Many reps use a custom catalog as a foundation to create orders for all of their accounts. Think of it as your own personal, carefully curated, workbook that is relevant to you and your buyers. For information on how to start your custom catalog this can be done on the Create a Collection screen.

Share a Collection - CLICK HERE

Whether you are a rep, merchandiser, or sales leadership, creating Custom Catalogs can be a powerful way to create suggested buys or highlight certain products in a catalog.  So being able to share with your dealers or other reps using these custom catalogs, is a great way to get them the information they need to make the right decisions for their territories.

How do I duplicate an order? (Open With and Save As) - CLICK HERE

As a rep or dealer you may want to make duplicates of your orders for future ordering or for another customer. The following video shows how to effectively use these methods.

Virtual Sell-In Guide - CLICK HERE

Reps - learn how to best prepare, perform and follow up with your customers, in this seasonal sell-in meeting overview.

Training Webinars List - CLICK HERE

Group training webinars focused on mastering the Elastic Suite software for reps and dealers.