The product search function is a powerful feature that allows you to quickly search through all your available catalogs for products. This is a great way to find what catalog(s) an item is in, read about product features, styles, availability, and even start a quick re-order. To access the search, click on the magnifying glass icon next to the 'Explore' and 'Manage' menus.

Simply type into the search box the name, product #, UPC, color, type, or any keyword. This will return any products matching this term across all live catalogs. If you are logged in as a rep, and have not selected the customer, hitting the search button will open the customer selection pop up window. The search will use the customer's permissions as a filter.

An order can only be created from one catalog at a time. Clicking the product will show you all the products in the catalog that match your search term. You can now read more about their features and see availability. To shop other items from the same catalog, simply click the 'Reset Filters' button.