A Whiteboard is a visual representation of a product assortment. The whiteboard tool is used for visual merchandising, simple store layout planning, and presentation purposes. This is an optional feature within an order that will allow you to take an assortment from your cart and lay it out as desired. Select any of the links for complete instructions on these screens/functions.

  1. Dashboard - Click 'Manage' and select 'Print Jobs' to view Whiteboards you have created.

  2. Create Order Screen - Select Standard on top slider, name order, select catalog, select order shipment date, select 'Create' button.

  3. Build Order Screen - Filter (additional filters in 'View Catalog' tab) and select products to add to shipment, select 'Whiteboard' tab in the top right.

  4. Whiteboard Build Screen Use layouts, place selected products, and use various sorting and tag features.

  5. Export Whiteboard PDF Select 'Export PDF' from the 'Menu' or from the Whiteboard Inspector and put in desired output settings, then select 'Print Jobs' from the menu.

  6. Print Jobs Check progress of your PDF and download when complete.