In the bottom left corner of the page, you'll notice two buttons. These buttons will give you options to display the catalog in different ways.


The '3up' view is the default option. This view balances having larger images and having more styles on a page.


The '1Up' view gives you the most information about a given item. To get to the 1Up view, you can use the bottom navigation button or click on any style name in any other view.

Product Detail Tabs


In this tab, you'll see a detailed overview all the product features. There will often be in-depth material information here as well, though sometimes this lives under the Technology tab. 


The Technology tab (may read ‘Details’ for some brands,) contains product attributes, which will often have technology information.

If the detail is highlighted in blue, you may select the link for more information.

Here you will find current and future availability for the item on-screen.

Hover over the large hero product image to get an even more detailed view of the selected style. This is an especially beneficial feature if your brand has supplied product photos.

Add to Cart and Add All Colorways Buttons
You can add styles and colors directly to the cart, by clicking on these buttons:

        • Add To Cart will add individual Colors
        • Add All Colorways will add all of the colors for selected Style

Catalog Product Slider 
This feature moves the thumbnails of products to the left and right. When you hover over the thumbnails of the images, the images will scroll left, right, or stop, depending on where you are on the page. Selecting a thumbnail will display the product in the large view within View; the color shown as the large image will be determined by the color-way sort. You can also click the ‘hide product slider’ icon to remove the slider from view.

Notes & Catalog Revisions

Here is where you'll see any dealer or rep notes that have been made to a product (e.g. "great for running".) This also houses any catalog revisions that have been made to the catalog post-printing, as to give the users the most up-to-date product information possible. Notes also has a filter option as well.

View Alternates

In this pop-up, you can see alternate views of the product–front, side, and/or back: