Enter Quantities

Once you have built your order at the color and style level, you can either click the 'Enter Quantities' tab or select the 'Cart' button from the top-right corner of the page. This will bring you to the 'Overview/Summary' screen.

In this screen you will see a vertical list of all styles and colors in your shipment. Click the pencil icon in the individual product's box to get started. Each shipment can be edited under it's own tab.

Entering an amount into the box will automatically calculate the total monetary amount of your selected quantities. When you are ready, select the 'Add to Cart' button and click 'Save'. If you want to delete an item, select the 'Remove From Cart' button. 

Copy & Paste Size Run

If there is a certain quantities of sizes you would like to apply to all products in your cart, click the 'Copy' button, and then 'Paste' or 'Copy to All' to automatically enter the same quantities to either some or all of the products.

1. Enter size run for the first product that you would like to repeat to other products.

2. Hold the SHIFT key on your keyboard and select your keyboard down arrow.

3. That will apply the size run from the 1st product down to the 2nd product.

After all your quantities have been added, select the 'Cart' button. This will bring you to the Overview/Summary screen, where you can double check your quantities and again adjust them if necessary.