The 'Build Order' tab is where you can select the styles and colors for your assortment. An assortment can be used for ordering, order proposals, or a merchandising arrangements. The 'Build Order' page is divided into three sections: the Catalog Grid is where you'll be able to view and filter every style in the catalog. The Filters section houses the different filters defined for the catalog. The Assortment tab is where your selected styles and colors will appear. 

Build an Assortment

To Add Products

Drag and drop from the catalog grid to the assortment or simply click on the product and it will be added to your assortment.

You can also add a specific colorway by clicking the name of the product. This will expose a list of all available colors. From this list, you add variations one by one, or you can choose the ‘Add All Variations’ button to add all variations instantly.

To Remove Products

  • Click on a product to select it and hit Delete on your keyboard. 
  • Drag and drop it out of the assortment back into the Catalog Grid.

To Add Sizing / Units

Adding products to your assortment will also add them into your cart. However, the total items for your order will continue to show '0 Units' until you add quantities. For example this cart has 3 different items, but no quantities entered yet. You can add quantities to your assortment by clicking on the Cart button:

Both the unit and monetary total will update as you enter item quantities.


There are a number of ways you can use the filters to find the products you want to add to your order. Filters are divided to general filters and so called tag filters. You can also add all filtered results by clicking the 'Add All Results' button, next to the keyword search.

General Filters

The Keyword Search allows users to type in a product name, part number, or item type. You can also filter by color, gender, rating, availability, Collection, or notes you’ve made. At any time, you can reset the general filters by selecting the 'Reset filters' button in the top right corner of the filter panel. 

Tag Filters 
Tag filters are expandable lists of product tags. They can be used in conjunction with General Filters to narrow down to specific types of products. You can reset both General and Tag Filters, by selecting the 'Reset Filters' link in the General Filters tab. When you use the General Filters first, the amount of available Tag Filters will decrease, since you have less products selected. This way you can narrow down your search even further.

Add Filtered Results

Clicking on the 'Add All Results' link will open the ‘Add Query Results’ pop-up. This allows you to add your current filtered results to your assortment. You can add an entire collection or all of your best sellers in a matter of seconds. 

1. Filter for your styles
2. Select the 'Add All Results' link 
3. The ‘Add Query Results’ pane will open, letting you know how many items you’ll be added to the cart 
4. Click Next to automatically add everything to your cart 

Product Detail Page

Double clicking a style on the grid will open a product detail page. In this pop-up window you can read more about product details such as technology and availability. If the products have complementary products or similar product recommendations defined, this information will appear here as well. This is a great way to learn more about the products!